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Here's How it Works:

1st SignUp

Choose your Share type, Pickup location, specialty Add-on items, & Payment option.

Look for -->                               This will direct you to "Harvie" CSA signup platform.

2nd Set preferences (optional)

Once you signup, you will be directed to tell us what veggies you love and what you don't. The farm will build your weekly share based on these preferences and what crops are seasonally available. Its recommended to use the whole scale to get the best selection. (optional, if you don't set preferences you will still get a great variety of produce each week.)

3rd Customize Weekly (optional)

​Prior to your Share pickup, you will receive an email with a list of the available produce. At that time you will have the option to swap out items for other items that are available and/or purchase any extra inventory. You can do nothing and receive our options based on any preferences set.  

4th Pickup on Thursdays

Each week your share will be waiting at the location of your choice with your name on it!

Have a vacation planned or need to change your pick up location? No problem. You can easily reschedule your share or change pick up locations to accommodate your busy life. 

5th Eat well!  

Along with your share we will send recipe instructions and storage tips each week!  

There are many payment options offered.

We offer financial assistance through the Partner Share Program. See if you are eligible for assistance and/or use EBT to help pay for your share. 

We provide CSA Shares to Stevens Point, Plover, Wisconsin Rapids, Weston (Wausau-area), and here at the Farm. Offering Spring, Summer, and Fall Shares weekly or every-other-week. 

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