Animals on the Farm

-  raised with respect and love  -

Animals are essential to fertilizing our soil, using farm extras, and nurturing us.  There is no comparison to happy roaming animals with purpose. 

~2021 Chickens Sold Out~

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2021 Sold out!

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Our chickens are pasture raised with organic feed. We process all birds at the farm four times a season allowing fresh pick-up mid-June,  mid-July,  late Sept. & early Nov. All birds are picked up at the Whitefeather Farm and a remainder is paid upon pickup. Weights range 4-6 pounds per bird. Reserve yours today with a $5 deposit each @ $4.15/lb.


 We raise our pigs on pasture with organic/local feed and lots of veggie seconds. They are non-vaccinated. All cuts are wrapped, labeled, and frozen. Available in 1/4, 1/2, or whole increments. Each order has every style of cut: chops, ham steaks, roasts, hams, bacon, side pork (bacon cut), ground, hocks, spare ribs, country style ribs, soup bones, and lard (optional).  A 1/4 of a pig generally weighs 30-45 lbs. Orders are typically ready during early December. Reserve yours today with a $50.00 deposit @ $6.69/lb.


Our laying hens are raised on pasture and actively rotated throughout our farm landscape. Raised with organic fed and veggie seconds. You can purchase our eggs direct from the farm, through a CSA signup, or at the Farmers Markets.